Planning, Protecting and Preserving
Nantucket's Natural World

The Nantucket Land Council (NLC) is a 501c (3) non-profit dedicated to protecting Nantucket’s natural world and rural character by holding and enforcing conservation restrictions, commissioning scientific research, monitoring development proposals, engaging in legal proceedings to protect natural resources and educating the public on environmental issues.

The NLC was conceived and organized in 1974 by Nantucket citizens who cherished the island’s pristine natural setting and who were troubled by increasing environmental degradation and loss of rural character.  Since its founding, the NLC has effectively protected thousands of acres of land.

Our staff continues to actively defend our natural environment by reviewing current development proposals at numerous public hearings and meetings held by the Planning Board, the Conservation Commission, and other Town boards, including the Board of Selectmen. The NLC makes appropriate recommendations or if necessary, hire expert consultants for further investigation.  These actions ensure that the environment is property represented when decisions regarding growth and development on Nantucket are made.
Every April, the NLC publishes a list of recommendations based on articles presented at Town Meeting, assisting the public in making environmentally conscious decisions that will affect the island well into the future.

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